Report a Bike Theft

Report a bike theft banner with two bikes silhouetted against the sun

Sometimes even the most diligent bike-owners can be victims of theft and we understand you may be feeling frustrated and distressed. However, we encourage you to take control of the situation by filing a police report quickly.

How do I report?

There are two methods of reporting:

  1. File a report by calling our non-emergency line (949) 824-5223
    The officer will ask for the following bike information: color, make, model, and serial number (if known)

    If your bike was taken from a bike rack, locate it on the map below and share it with the officer so that it can be included in your police report. Click on a pin to view reference photos

  2. Come in-person to our police station

Reporting helps in two ways:

  1. If you previously registered your bike, our officers may be able to return your bike to you if they come across it.
  2. Your report is invaluable information for our team to analyze and enhance UCI's bicycle crime prevention strategy.

Find the bike rack

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