Be Well OC

Be Well OC Clinician

With the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team's deployment, our University reaffirms its commitment to the well-being and mental health of our students, faculty and staff. The team works closely with our police department to quickly respond to individuals in our community who may be experiencing mental health challenges. 

The key feature of this program is its ability to provide immediate assistance from the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team in cases not involving criminal activity or violence. The team will work in tandem with both campus and county resources to support the needs of individuals in crisis.

Consisting of two experienced crisis counselors, the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team is dedicated to responding to mental health-related calls through the UCI Police non-emergency and 911 phone lines. This proactive approach offers direct mental health assistance and significantly reduces the need for police and emergency medical services in such scenarios.

This innovative program adds an additional layer of support to the existing mental health resources on campus, which include an Orange County Health Care Agency clinician - who serves the campus on a weekly basis - and UCI’s established Counseling Center.

Be Well OC Clinician team smiling at the camera