Police Department

Commendations and Complaints

Quality Service is Our Goal

Police Officer Sam Soon

Quality Service is Our Goal

"Our Community, Our Commitment" is our motto. The UCI Police Department is dedicated to providing the best police service possible, and we encourage you to let us know about the quality of service you receive.  


If you wish to commend the actions of an employee, please complete the commendation form. Paper forms can be found in the front office of the UCI Police Department, and verbal commendations may also be given to an on-duty supervisor.


If you believe the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may file a complaint to the UCI Police Department online, by completing a pdf form or the paper complaint form which can be found in the front office of the UCI Police Department.  Verbal complaints can be submitted in person or by phone to an on-duty officer.  Anonymous complaints will also be accepted.

Complaints will result in an investigation, and complainants will be notified of the disposition of the complaint.