Police Department


Section 1

Hello and welcome to the UCI Police Department Awards Banquet. We are happy you can join us in recognizing the great work our team is doing for the University.  The UCI Police department serves in partnership with the faculty, staff, students, and residents of University Hills in addition to the staff, patients, and visitors at the Medical Center in supporting a safe and inclusive University.  We aspire to achieve the highest standard of ethics and excellence in providing service to our community by dedicating ourselves to the values of integrity, respect, transparency, fairness, and teamwork.

We currently have 47 police officers, 11 dispatchers, 14 professional staff members, 36 medical center public safety staff, and 30 part-time students.  I am proud to share that in addition to 24% of our officers being UCI graduates, they also closely reflect the diverse community in which we serve: 25% of officers are Asian, 21% are Hispanic, and 6% are Black. Additionally, we also have one of the highest percentages across the nation of women police officers at 19%. 

This awards banquet is to recognize some of the great work our staff is doing to make your police department one of the best.  Our staff has worked diligently to make this a special event for our partners, staff, and award recipients and their families. 

Before we begin our ceremony, here are three of our most notable accomplishments in 2019.