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Dogs on Campus

The following policies specify the conditions under which dogs/animals may be present within the City of Irvine and on the University campus. The policies include the City of Irvine Municipal Codes and the California Code of Regulations and California Education Code..

City of Irvine – Municipal Code

Sec. 4-5-201. - Registration required.
It shall be unlawful for any person to own or harbor or keep any dog four months of age or older within the City unless there shall be attached to such dog a collar upon which there shall be a current numbered metal tag. The collar need not be attached to the dog while such dog remains in the dwelling of the owner or other person having custody thereof, or in any enclosed yard adjacent thereto. Nothing herein contained, however, shall be construed to relieve the necessity of having a current tag for each dog.

Sec. 4-5-202. - Thirty-day time limit.
Application for a City registration must be made within 30 days after obtaining a dog over four months of age or within 30 days of establishing residence within the City.

Sec. 4-5-203. - Rabies vaccination.
No dog shall be registered without presentation of a rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian, such certificate to be valid for the entire registration period. Deferment of this requirement shall be permitted as provided in Section 4-5-303 of Chapter 3 of this division.

Sec. 4-5-209. - Display of registration.
A. Display required. No person who owns, harbors or keeps any dog shall fail or refuse to exhibit the registration and tag required by this chapter upon demand of any person charged with the enforcement of this chapter.

Sec. 4-5-701. - Leash required.
No person owning or having charge, care or custody of any dog shall cause, fail to curb, or allow the same to run at large upon any highway, street, alley, sidewalk, schoolyard, common area, trail, open space or other public place, or upon any private property or premises other than his or her own without written consent of the owner or leasee of such land, unless such dog is restrained by a substantial leash, not to exceed six feet in length, and in the charge of a person competent to restrain such dog. This section does not apply to an approved dog park where it is authorized to run your dog(s) off leash, nor does it apply to those situations enumerated under Section 4-5-707 of this chapter.

California Code of Regulation & California Education Code
(University of California Rules)

5CCR100009 -- DOGS, CATS AND OTHER ANIMALS: No non-affiliate, having ownership, custody or control of any dog, cat or other animal, except for animals (as described in California Penal Code section 365.5) assisting persons with disabilities, shall cause, suffer or permit such animal on University property without authorization, unless (1) the animal remains on a leash or under the hand control of a responsible person at all times, (2) the animal is not left unattended, and (3) the animal remains at all time in outdoor areas designated by the University. Any non-affiliates having ownership, custody or control of any animal on University property must promptly remove and properly dispose of any droppings left by such animal.

Authority cited: Section 924405, Education Code. Reference: Section 92440.5, Education Code.