Police Department

Field Study 195 Student Internship

Section 1

The UCI Police Department offers internship opportunities for those interested in law enforcement. We will accept either 10 or 20 week internship commitments from current UCI students, at either the 10 or 20 hours per week for both. We also accept 5 week summer internships at either 20 or 40 hours per week. 

The student intern will take on multifaceted responsibilities,  including assisting police officers and administrative personnel with projects and daily tasks.  These may include entering traffic citations into the department database or filing case documents for the records department.   A student intern could be asked to take on the role of a crime prevention specialist by tallying and analyzing crime statistics or be asked to assist the Emergency Services unit with projects, outreach, and presentations. Furthermore, because the UCI Police Department is the campus’ central repository for ‘lost and found’ items, an intern may assist with tagging and logging items into our database and may even have the opportunity to do a little investigative work by attempting to locate the owner.

Although these are only a few examples of the responsibilities a student intern will be assigned, there will be many additional opportunities to gain experience in other areas of the Police Department.  Each assignment is designed to help the student gain a better understanding of a particular unit in our police department, while at the same time, offering a unique perspective of how a police department operates.  Expect every day of the internship program to be dynamic! 

Students must be able to write clearly and concisely; they must have good communication and interpersonal skills as well as good time-management skills and the ability to work under pressure and have patience. Interns should be computer literate and able to perform research on the internet. Competency in using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is also required. A background check will be performed, so please apply as early as possible. Following the completion of the background check, you will be contacted to schedule a fingerprinting and interview appointment. All applicants must provide fingerprint samples for NCIC, have no felony convictions, and pass a background investigation and criminal record check. Those selected must also be able to deal with confidential criminal documents in a trustworthy manner.