Police Department

Student Preparedness

Section 1

Preparedness Checklist

  • Sign up for zotALERT and make sure to update your contact information if it changes.
  • Make or purchase an Emergency Supply Kit.
  • Make an Emergency Plan with your family and/or friends in case you need to leave campus.
  • Review campus emergency procedures.
  • Know the difference between shelter-in-place for hazardous materials incidents and secure-in-place for police related activity.
  • Learn relevant building evacuation routes, fire alarm pull-station locations, fire extinguisher locations, and assembly areas for building you are in most often.

Your Role During an Emergency

      • Report an emergency or suspicious activity to UCIPD by calling 911 or (949) 824-5223.
      • Follow directions given by UCI faculty and staff.
      • Check-in with your RA and/or professsor (if you are in class at the time of the emergency).
      • Follow directions given by First Responders.
      • Check-in with your parents and family members to let them know you are ok.