Police Department

What Matters to Me and Why

Section 1

Chief Cisneros speaking at the What Matters to Me and Why Event

Offered since 2012, this informal lunchtime series, ‘What Matters to Me and Why’, is designed to build and strengthen bonds between people who teach, learn, and work together daily, and to foster understanding of how each of us embrace UCI values. Chief Cisneros was invited to be the guest speaker for the month of October where he gave the audience an inspirational story and the reasons he chose to be in policing rather than a career in architectural design — his primary area of study while as an undergraduate at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Interwoven throughout his story, he shared memorable highlights over his many years in law enforcement. The lecture began with his upbringing where his mother made significant sacrifices to provide him and his brother with a comfortable life. He humbly credits her with playing an integral part for shaping him to become who he is today. Despite her tough nature at times, he realized that everything she did served a greater purpose in his life which was to build his character while also instilling a strong work ethic.

There is one story that serves as a consistent reminder as to why he works in this profession and it involved a private Linkedin message from a woman who he had helped eighteen years ago, a little girl that he had forgotten about until the day she reached out to him to thank him for his help. She emailed him to inform him that she’s in a much better place now because of what Chief Cisneros did to help her and her family. “Being able to assist people is my passion. I wake up with a smile on my face because I wake up to go do something that I love to do”, said Chief Cisneros, “Policing is about communities engaging with one another to solve problems, it’s not about the individuals.” Follow the lecture to learn more about Chief Cisneros and his incredible story.