Police Department

University Hills ‘Movie in the Park’ Event

Section 1

Officer Keith, President of the UCI Police Officers Association, cooks for the hundreds of U-Hills residents.

Our department, in partnership with the UCI Police Officers Association (POA), Irvine Police Department, and the University Hills Homeowners’ Association (HOA), hosted a BBQ in Gabrielino Park for the families of University Hills. Despite being initially advised to prepare for 150 residents to attend, word rapidly spread to the point where several hundred people were in attendance causing our team to scramble to keep up with the demand for food. By the end of the evening, we served 300 hot dogs, 300 hamburgers, 10 extra larges pizzas - and there still wasn’t enough to feed everyone. “There was no way to plan for a night like that”, said Officer Keith, “But sometimes that’s the best way to evaluate and test an organization’s effectiveness and potential.” Everyone from our department worked harmoniously together despite the setback as Officer Keith and Officer Liev grilled the hot dogs and hamburgers as quickly as they could while Lt. Reiss and Detective Sergeant Chon fired up the two additional vacant grills at the top of the hill to support the primary food operations below. Contrasting the chaotic scene at the BBQ grills, the tranquil grassy field in the back hosted static displays of police vehicles including the Irvine Police Department who brought their motorcycle and their friendly canine, Barrett. This section of the park was particularly popular with the young children as they enjoyed exploring the motorcycles, the car, and of course, with Officer Paulsen who was accompanied by her canine.

Sgt. Bolano shows two young children the department motorcycle.

Sergeant Bolano, Officer Soon, Officer Juarez, and Officer Patton all did a fantastic job explaining the different functions of the units and how they’re used in the field to curious children and their parents. The fun didn’t stop there because the department rented a gigantic outdoor inflatable movie screen to play the Disney movie CoCo. “This event represents the vision I have for where the UCI Police Association should go”, said Officer Keith, “I truly believe we have a purpose greater than ourselves. The purpose should be on serving one another and serving the community.” 

 Officer Soon allows children to sit in the driver’s seat of the patrol unit.

Officer Farley serves the toppings for the guests’ burgers and hot dogs.

Officer Paulsen and her canine partner, Barrett, greeted young children and their parents.

Coordinated by Lt. Reiss, the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Air Unit even made a flyover over our event.

Chief Cisneros poses with Vice Chancellor Cortez

Officer Keith and Sgt. Park team up at the BBQ grill.

Officer Patton explains bicycle safety rules to teenagers.

UCIPD Business Manager, Jen Vallejo, assists with serving hamburgers and hot dogs to guests.

Hundreds of University Hills residents lined up for free food and beverages.

Sergeant Mahoney and his son work quickly to prepare the hamburger and hot dog buns for guests.

Officer speaking to a resident.

University Hills residents staring at a movie screen.