Police Department

Student Health Active Shooter Training

Section 1

Sgt. LeSage training

With the help of CSOs, Sergeant LeSage led an informative training session for staff members at the Student Health Center. In the active shooter simulation, the CSOs were given the role of playing the aggressors while staff members watched in real-time to observe the signs and listen to cues that could possibly indicate that danger may be looming ahead.

Simulation with patient and doctor

Throughout the simulation, Sergeant LeSage served as a play-by-play announcer to assist the staff with dissecting the situation in order to help them understand behavior that may be deemed suspicious so they can react appropriately to save themselves and other people in the building.He wanted the staff to observe the behavior of an individual deemed suspicious. “You can never tell what bad people look like because often times, they look normal”, said Sgt. LeSage, “If police can instantly profile everyone to be either good or bad, then we wouldn’t have any bad guys.” Ultimately when it came down to a violent situation, he urged the staff to save themselves because everyone is an adult and can make their own decisions. “I understand you have the biggest hearts out of everyone, which is why you likely chose this profession”, he said, “however, you must save yourself first so you can save others.”

Attentive staff

The staff members were attentive and asked intelligent questions about the proper ways to react to an incident based on hypothetical situations they posed. Sergeant LeSage  showed professionalism and expertise by delicately balancing the seriousness of the course intermixed with humor to keep everyone focused and engaged.

Sgt. LeSage showing gun