Police Department

Middle Earth Spring Fling

Section 1

Officer prepares to throw baseball at dunk tank

Each year, Middle Earth Housing hosts their traditional Spring Fling event to celebrate students’ last quarter before summer and to also give them a small bit of relief and fun before they head into final examinations. There is food, music, and plenty of games for students to unwind. This year even saw a professional photographer who operated a photobooth where students could wear props and capture silly photos with friends. However, the main attraction is always the dunk tank and what has now become an annual tradition, Sharon Stead, Director of Middle Earth Housing, invites UCIPD’s executive staff to sit inside to allow students and officers a chance to dunk PD management into the water. Last year, Chief Cisneros and Lt. Frisbee sat in the dunk tank and wishing to share the fun with others, this year Lt. Reiss and Sergeant Mahoney served as the new substitutes.

Officer prepares to throw baseball at dunk tank

Students and officers, all had a chance to show off their pitching arms to dunk them into the frigid water. Officer Farley had the most impressive throwing arm as she was the first to dunk Lieutenant and Sergeant Mahoney. Students seemed to enjoy seeing our officers engage in a bit of fun and breaking the traditional perspective of policing from a citizen’s eyes. Our participation in this event aids in our efforts to strengthen our community presence with students and staff as we all shared a good laugh and casual conversation with one another.

Sergeant is ready to throw the baseball