Police Department

Spanish SPOP Session

Section 1

Chief talking to the parents at SPOP

The Student Center was bustling with activity as parents and new students familiarize themselves with the many organizations, clubs, and resources on campus. To welcome parents and students to UCI, the Chief and Sergeant Acuna volunteered their time to present to about one hundred parents at the Spanish SPOP session on Sunday August 14, 2016. The session began with the housing group providing general information to the parents so they know what to expect when it comes to living and dining arrangements. However, the presentation came alive when Chief and Sergeant Acuna took the stage. They opened their part with plenty of humor that made audience members laugh. Because Chief’s eldest daughter is also in college, he was able to speak to the group not only as the Chief of Police, but also as a parent himself. And by relating the same trepidations and concerns of sending a child to college, he was able to ease many of their concerns. Sergeant Acuna gave a wealth of safety information such as the campus emergency blue lights, zotALERTs, personal safety tips, and the CSO Safety Escort Program. Parents were actively engaged with the presentation and material that was being shared, with many of them nodding along and jotting down notes as some of the information seemed important to them.

Sergeant speaking about safety tips to parents

All in all, the event was successful as it gave a positive and reinforcing image of the UCI Police Department to prospective students and parents. We assured them that we are here to help and are actively engaged in our community so that we can provide the best service possible. Afterward, Chief and Sergeant Acuna headed across the hall to visit the UCIPD booth to speak more informally to students and parents. We look forward to working with all the new students as they begin their UCI adventures this coming fall.

Chief chats with students as they try out the drunk driving goggles