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Sorority Alcohol Presentation

Section 1

sorority girls listening

Educating students is an important part of the job for all UCI police officers because students come to UCI facing tough decisions as they navigate through their college life, delicately balancing their studies and their social life. Proactively doing an outreach initiative, UCIPD visited the Sigma Kappa house one evening to speak to forty young women about Alcohol and Drug Safety so that they were prepared to socialize and party responsibly. Sergeant Sloan and Officer Ramirez quickly captured the attention of the group as they put on a comedic performance while speaking on safety guidelines and the consequences of poor choices. Officer Ramirez had the room laughing throughout the presentation as she humorously recalled observing many of the common tactics students would attempt to do in order to hide alcohol or pretend to be sober. Hearing her stories, there were many women in the crowd shaking their heads in embarrassment because they were guilty of doing the same strategies to  try to fool the campus police. In the event they make the wrong decision, Officer Ramirez went on to describe the consequences of their actions as some of them may irreversibly affect their future careers - even their lives.

officer ramirez talking

Because the two officers did a wonderful job of setting a casual tone through the talk, there were many questions asked at the end of the presentation, which created a phenomenal dialogue and heart-to-heart conversations. “Look, I know what it’s like to be in college because I’ve been in your exact shoes”, said Officer Ramirez, “I’m not here to ruin your lives. I simply want you to be smart in your decisions and to be safe.” Sergeant Sloan and Officer Ramirez wished the group the best of luck in their studies and reminded them that the doors at UCIPD are always open to them if they ever need advice or simply want to chat.

sergeant sloan talking

girl raising her hand for questions

group photo with officers and students