Police Department

VDCN S.A.F.E.R. Event

Section 1

Officer Akingbemi takes a picture with two students at the Safer VDCN event

Officers spent an evening mingling over dinner and casual conversation with young residents from VDC Norte. Giving a brief introduction of the S.A.F.E.R. (Standing with Anteaters to Foster Engagement and Responsibility) Program, Sergeant Sloan introduced Officer Bicomong and Officer Akingbemi while also speaking about the Program’s purpose - to engage with UCI Anteaters in a fun, positive way. Each officer spoke about their history in law enforcement, how they came to pursue a career in policing, interesting situations they’ve come across at UCI, and even some humorous stories they’ve encountered. They gave students helpful pointers so they can avoid being victims of crime, especially property crime. “More often than not, property crime can be prevented by you”, said Officer Bicomong, “too often, we see students leave their laptops unattended at Langson Library while they take a restroom break. Don’t do that. Irvine is very safe, but don’t lower your guard.” He further explained that it’s typically not students who are causing trouble, but rather outside residents due to the University being a public entity. He explained, “Most of the time we arrest people who are not from this area or even part of this University.” The officers strongly urged the students to be alert and attentive when walking at night. “Criminals look for crimes of opportunities, so if you are on your phone and not paying attention to your surroundings, you become an easy victim.”, said Officer Bicomong.

Sergeant Sloan giving a thumbs up to a student.

Sergeant Sloan having a conversation with a UCI student.

Sergeant Sloan speaking and having a snack with UCI students.

Officer Bicomong, Officer Akingbemi and Sergeant Sloan speaking to a group of students.

Sergeant Sloan speaking to group of students.

Student listening to officers speak.

Officer Bicomong smiles while sharing his story on why he chose a career in law enforcement.

Officer Akingbemi talking to a group of UCI students.

Officer Bicomong speaking to students.

Officer Akingbemi interacting with UCI students