Police Department

VDC S.A.F.E.R. Event

Section 1

Officer Soon and a student compete in Mario Kart while wearing drunk driving simulation goggles.

We bring back yet another successful S.A.F.E.R. event at Vista del Campo (VDC) with sincere thanks to the housing staff for providing food, drinks, desserts, and entertainment. Since it was held in the outdoor courtyard, everyone appreciated the warm weather while the crackling glow of the fireplace added to the relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
Sergeant Sloan did a spectacular job organizing all the officers to join the event as they arrived promptly to the party and quickly jumped into action by handing out plates and standing in line to be servers. There was plenty of food to go around as the VDC staff stood behind the grill to cook hot dogs and hamburgers while our officers served chips, cookies, beverages, and ice cream. Keeping up with the spirit of the party, officers joked and chatted with students who were waiting in line for their food. Although we often give personal safety  presentations at these gatherings, the officers allowed the event to take its natural course and simply engaged in the festivities. Inside the community center, students were crowded around the TV as they played Mario Kart on a Nintendo Wii. Officer Soon couldn’t resist being part of the fun as he quickly jumped into the next game and subsequently increased the level of difficulty by suggesting racers wear the drunk driving simulation goggle. This resulted in spectacularly disastrous results as drivers swerved ‘drunkenly’ around the track, smashing into walls and obstacles. For those who were interested in learning about alcohol safety, Sergeant Bolano shared safe practices while demonstrating field sobriety tests.

Officer offering a bowl of ice cream to students.

Students and a police officer having a conversation.

Officers serving food to students.

The student turnout was tremendously impressive thanks to the brilliant marketing efforts of the VDC staff as they posted flyers around the area and sent out social media invitations to the housing community. Our officers stayed late into the evening to mingle with the students and show them what community policing is all about. By allowing the students to see the human sides of our officers, it’s our sincere hope that they will call on us for help and contributing to a greater sense of pride to keeping everyone safe at our University.

Officer Juarez serving ice cream to a student.

Officer Patton pouring soda for a student.

Sgt. Sloan leading the crew in serving dinner.

Officer Hooshmand serving a handful of chips to a student.

Officer Soon having fun and making jokes with a student.

Officer Sloan and Officer Hooshmand snap a photo with Dalia Bahu, the VDC Resident Director.

All the officers posing together.

Sgt. Bolano spectates two students racing each other in Mario Kart.

Student trying to walk in a straight line with drunk goggles on.

Officer Soon playing Mario Kart with drunk goggles on.