Police Department

Ridetoberfest 2017

Section 1

officer hooshmand talking to a student

In annual fashion, this year’s uciRIDEtoberfest, hosted by UCI Transportation, was a spectacular event filled with games, food, prizes, and multiple bicycle education booths. Students in need of quick transportation around campus were able to purchase a used bicycle at a fraction of the retail cost while also having a professional repairman tune their bike so that everything ran safely and smoothly. The UCI Police Department booth was represented by Officer Hooshmand who provided students with bicycle safety tips in addition to advice on the best methods to secure their bikes to prevent theft. Reminding them that the only line of defense against thieves is a sturdy bike lock, they were shocked to learn that their bikes were greatly susceptible to being stolen when using a cable lock, as opposed to a ‘U-lock’, because it can be easily cut with bolt cutters. Officer Hooshmand highly encouraged people to invest in a sturdy ‘U-Lock’ because he’s seen too many students come into the police station to file a stolen bike report and sadly show the officer their cut cable lock. We look forward to more partnerships with UCI Transportation as they host more of these fun events.

student asking officer a question

officer laughing with students