Police Department

Annual Pushups for Charity

Section 1

Officer concentrates on performing perfect formed pushups

Our UCIPD Push-Up Team arrived at Irvine City Hall to support our military in the nationwide Boot Campaign’s PUSH event. PUSH is an effort challenging Americans to complete as many pushups as possible in 90 seconds, all while raising awareness and funds for veterans, active duty service members, and their families. Last year, participants helped the Boot Campaign —a national charitable organization dedicated to assisting military personnel— provide over $500K in urgent financial assistance, $750K for housing assistance and $564K towards wellness and family initiatives to help our warriors have a more successful transition back into civilian life.

Officers take a group photo representing UCI. ZOT!
Sergeant Bolano was joined by Officer Bessolo, Ortega, Solomon, and Juarez where they competed against the Irvine Police Department SWAT Team, the IPD Records Division, and the Air Force ROTC. To ensure the competition was fair, the Irvine SWAT Team was given a handicap where they were required to wear their tactical vest and gas masks as they did their push-ups. Despite the hot morning sun, each team did a phenomenal job and completed a solid number of push-ups to keep the competition tight. Our team took home second place as we were defeated by the Air Force ROTC team who edged us out by only three push-ups! We completed a cumulative total of 446 push-ups whereas they completed 449. Officer Solomon and Officer Ortega completed over half of our score with 118 and 115 push-ups, respectively. Chief, Lt. Frisbee, Jen Vallejo, CSOs, and other members of our department were on deck cheering on the team. Although we didn’t win the coveted trophy this year, it’s with high hope that we’re able to better our score next year! Regardless, everyone had a great time supporting this great cause.