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Ofc. Green told the radio hosts that our department always strives to provide people with the ‘Nordstrom service’.

Last month, Officer Green sat down with KUCI to do a live radio interview with the purpose of introducing his role as the Community Engagement Officer while sharing the wonderful accomplishments of our department and what differentiates us from other municipal departments. “I’m getting out into the community and bridging gaps, forging relationships with different organizations and entities on campus.”, said Ofc. Green. His aim was to reinforce the message that if there are concerns in the community, he wants to be there to address them and search for a solution. With his platform, he understands he has the responsibility to maintain current relationships, but also creating new ones to have the chance to speak to different groups about alcohol awareness, campus safety, mental health, or sexual assault. He spoke highly of our officers’ professionalism and tenacity to accomplish our service goals. “Our department always provides people the Nordstrom service,” he said, “we sit down and go the extra mile to get you the needed assistance. We thrive and pride ourselves on it.” When asked about how the summer months will affect our officers, he told the radio hosts that the department takes advantage of the time by conducting important trainings. However, he reminded the hosts that although most of the general student population has gone, there are many summer camps, international programs, summer classes, and even the LA Rams that keeps our department busy.
Listen to the full interview here.