Police Department

Mesa Court Basketball Showdown

Section 1

Officers and CSOs take a group picture with UCI students.

The Mesa Court housing basketball showdown was an effort organized by our Community Engagement Officer, Benny Green, with the goal of fostering positive encounters with our department’s officers. Despite the promotion of healthy, organized fun, it’s never considered a party without pizza or soda being served, which Mesa Court staff members prepared on the sidelines as a treat after the game. To ensure we remained competitive, Officer Green organized the best basketball players from our department to challenge the students in the housing community. However, the students didn’t take things lightly either as they brought their A-game that night, showing off their remarkable talents as they dribbled, spun, and even dunked on their competition. With the number of people participating in the event, three separate games were played simultaneously, each playing half a court. At one point in the evening, rather than solely making it officers versus students, officers mixed up the teams to intermingle with the students so that they would be on the same squad which created a new dynamic of play, making the game even more exciting. This basketball event is predicated on one of the core responsibilities of the Community Engagement Officer, which is to coordinate UCI Police Officers for collective participation with community events. These types of interactions are important between our staff and students as we maintain the development of a collaborative relationship with our community. After this event, we can only assume that Middle Earth housing students are next to play against our officers!

Officer Ramirez, channeling her inner Steph Curry, drains a three pointer.

Officer Bicomong excited to play ball with UCI students.

Officer Liev blocks out Officer Doan in an intense game.

CSO Roger Galac tries to fake out Officer Green.

Sergeant and Officer laughing during an intensive ball game with UCI students.

Lt. Reiss advising his team while playing basketball

Sergeant Acuna ready to win the basketball game.

Officer Bicomong interacting with students after a basketball game.

CSO Erich Barden came out to play and represented the CSO Program.

Officer Keith swung by the court - AED in hand - to provide any needed medical assistance to members of our department.