Police Department

Engaging with New Housing Assistants

Section 1

Sergeant giving a talk to the housing assistants

What has now become an annual tradition, the General Manager of Puerta Del Sol Housing Community, Alex Rubio, brings his new Community Assistants (CA) to our department for a Meet ‘n Greet session. Providing our officers a chance to casually chat with the new CAs, while simultaneously allowing the CAs to ask questions, there’s no doubt that these types of visits are mutually beneficial as it fosters trust and friendship between our officers and the housing staff. Sergeant Sloan did a spectacular job enlightening the CAs with safety tips and humorous stories in policing as he took the lead for this year’s group. Most importantly, drawing experiences from his years in law enforcement, he offered them practical guidance on how they can better effectively perform their jobs while also re-affirming how our police department is able to support them in certain situations. Due to his affable and welcoming nature, the CAs quickly warmed up to Sergeant Sloan and began feeling comfortable enough to ask him about common law enforcement myths (such as ticket quotas) and inquiring about the tools of the trade such as the taser, hobble, and OC spray. After a few demonstrations of the tools, the CAS were provided a tour of the department where other officers joined in to explain the different facets of the job such as patrol operations and dispatch. We sincerely appreciate Alex Rubio’s initiative to develop this relationship between our department and his staff. We eagerly await meeting the CAs from the other housing communities to visit our station because Alex has encouraged his fellow general managers to follow suit in this fun tradition.

students listen intently while Sergeant Sloan talks

Officer Ramirez chats with students in the parking lot

Officer Gomex shows students the interior of the patrol unit

Group photo with students and officers