Police Department

Hawthorne High School Criminal Justice Academy

Section 1

Chief addressing high school students

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 the Junior Class from the Hawthorne High School (HHS) Criminal Justice Academy visited UCI Police Department.  Our Strategic Services Manager, Jeniffer DeLara Vallejo, who sits on the Hawthorne HS CJ Advisory Board, coordinated the visit and presentation modules for the students. The Criminal Justice Program at HHS focuses on education and mentorship through outcome based curriculum and first hand exposure to various facets of the Criminal Justice System.  The Academy is comprised of students from the 9th to 12th grade with each grade focusing on specific goals to help them prepare in a career within Criminal Justice. Besides preparing academically, students are also provided with opportunities to visit Universities, Courts, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies.  The Academy is led by former Police Officer James Rollins and a team of teachers that focus on Civil Law, Forensic Science, Criminal Psychology and Sociology.

Sergeant Acuna and Officer Gomex provided the students a station tour while encouraging them to be involved with their local police department when they attend college one day. They advocated the CSO Program because it’s a fantastic stepping stone as many of our graduates have gone on to lead successful careers with different agencies around the country. All of the students who are part of the Criminal Justice Academy are motivated to pursue a career in law enforcement as they elected to take the course as part of their high school curriculum. James strives to keep the class interesting by weaving in many field trips to different agencies around LA and Orange County so that the students can correlate what they learn in the classroom to the real world. In the past, his other trips have included the Cal State Forensics Lab, Coroner’s Office, and the FBI Academy.

 Hawthorne HS group photo with officers