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Chief Inspires Youth with LASD's Gang Diversion Program

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Chief speaks to high school students

Chief Cisneros took part in the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Gang Diversion Program to speak to a group of 50 middle school and high school kids about doing big things in life and encouraging them to look ahead to their futures, such as going to college. The kids in the audience came primarily from Compton, Lynwood, and Carson. Growing up with a single mom, Chief Cisneros shared stories of his hardships as a child, but ultimately persevered to become who he is today. The Chief served as an inspiration to the youth group because many of them are experiencing the same hardships as he did and he reminded them to never lose sight of choosing the right path to become successful in their lives. Deputy Noya is the founder and deputy in charge of the program. He and Chief Cisneros have known each other since they were 4 years old and both took on the role of ‘Best Man’ at each other’s weddings! Our UCIPD Front Desk Student Assistant, Rana Tanios, is currently an intern for Deputy Noya. She’s doing a fantastic job serving as the liaison between UCIPD and LASD. There was an emotional story shared by a UCI student, Luis, who watched his cousin die in a drive-by shooting and how the event altered his life in a dramatic way. When you come from Compton, Luis said, all you hear about is “famous rappers and basketball players.” Many of the kids nodded. “What about the doctors and lawyers? What about the rest of the professions?”, Luis asked. “Don’t listen to the stereotypes,” he said, “Don’t be a statistic, anyone can change, and you can do it”.

Deputy Noya introducts Chief Cisneros before his talk