Police Department

Fraternity Alcohol Safety Presentation

Section 1

Officer Bessolo speaking

With over four different fraternities in attendance, Officers Bessolo, Solomon, and Juarez spent a quiet evening educating them on practicing safe alcohol consumption - not only for their own safety, but also the safety of their friends. Sharing the common pitfalls that students have made before them, they urged them to celebrate responsibly as one wrong decision can result in a DUI or even serious injury. Officer Juarez recounted a story where a student was arrested twice in less than twenty four hours for driving under the influence. “It’s not worth it”, said Officer Juarez, “because now that student and his parents will have to deal with the expensive legal fees associated with his two DUI offenses.” Officer Bessolo explained that although everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to alcohol, it’s always prudent to eat before a night of drinking because the food will help absorb the alcohol to lessen its effects whereas drinking on an empty stomach will inebriate someone at a much quicker rate.

Officer Juarez speaking to group

All too often, the officers have pulled over students who were driving to make a quick visit to the local Del Taco after they’ve been already been drinking, resulting in a DUI. With the popularity of Uber these days, they encouraged students to be wise and make use of the service because it will keep them out of trouble. After the spoken portion of the presentation, the group moved outside to the basketball court to do mock field sobriety tests and run through an obstacle course. The officers took time to answer personal questions and engage in fun chit-chat with the students.

Fraternity members listen to the officers

Officer Solomon speaking

Officer Solmon listens to Officer Juarez share a story

Students run an obstacle course wearing the drunk driving goggles

Officers administer a mock FST for a student

Officers chat with a group of students