Police Department

Cub Scout Pack 631 Spends Time with UCIPD

Section 1

A scout looks up at the light bar on the patrol unit

On a warm Sunday afternoon, ten young Cub Scout members from Pack 631 joined Corporal Chiu and Officer Gomex for a day of fun and learning. It was all coordinated by Scout Master, Steve Cauffman, who also happens to be Professor Cauffman’s husband. The meeting began with the scouts reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag and their Scout Oath to the officers. Although they were eager to explore the police cars right away, the officers began with a classroom portion where the scouts learned when they should call 9-1-1 and what they can expect when they speak to a police dispatcher during an emergency. The lesson was proceeded by showing the scouts the tools on the utility belt, a particularly curious topic among the group. Of course, being boys, they were most intrigued by the gun and the shiny set of handcuffs. Officer Gomex gave a brief lecture about gun safety and what they should do if they find one.

Cub scout playing with the radio system in the vehicle

The moment they were all waiting for was when the officers asked, “Who wants to see the police cars?!”. There was a mad dash towards the parking lot as they ran towards the cars. They were allowed to activate the emergency lights and speak into the PA system. In the midst of the excitement, the officers took the time to explain the pieces of technology each police car holds and how they can aid them during an emergency call. The scouts were allowed to explore every nook of the police car with some pretending they were driving, while others pretended they were “bad guys” and had to sit in the back. Thank you to Corporal Chiu and Officer Gomex for their patience and commitment to serve as an inspiration to the young kids. Who knows, there may now be a scout who has a new career path in mind!

Cub scouts listen to officers present on safety topics

Scouts exploring the vehicle