Police Department

UCI Medical Center Coffee with a Cop

Section 1

Officer drinking coffee with a citizen

On a brisk January morning, UCIPD police officers and security officers set up a breakfast station at the UCI Medical Center, not only as a gracious gesture to the medical staff coming into work, but as a means to engage in casual conversation over donuts and hot coffee. Staff members did not hesitate to help themselves with free breakfast and an opportunity to ask officers questions including the recent announcement that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will be clearing the homeless encampment along the two-mile stretch of the Santa Ana River Trail. With 500-1000 people residing in the area, staff members were anxious to know how it will affect transients roaming onto the medical center campus. Lieutenant Frisbee assured them that the Police Department was well aware of the situation and would be staffing additional officers to ensure the safety of the community. Leon Roach, Director of Capital Design & Construction Projects, even made a visit to greet the officers and welcome staff members to the casual event. It was an incredibly successful morning because over 120 cups of coffee and 84 donuts were served. To continue forging strong relationships with UCIMC staff members, we will host more events in the future.

Sergeant Chiu invites UCIMC staff members to hot coffee as they walk into work.

UCI Medical Center staff members opening the donut box.

Officer Brophy helps a staff member pour a cup of coffee.

Officers laughing with UCI Medical Center staff member.

UCI Medical Center staff member pouring coffee into his cup.

UCIMC Security Officers Flavio and Daniel joined the morning festivities.

Officers interacting with UCI Medical Center staff members

Sergeant listens to UCI Medical Center staff member share a story.