Police Department

Childhood Education Center Visit

Section 1

Officer Farley interacting with a little girl inside the patrol unit

Teresa Hoveland, the Director of the UCI Infant Toddler Center, greeted Officer Ramirez and Officer Farley in the center’s parking lot with dozens of excited children eagerly waiting to meet the officers and explore the inside of the police car. To begin the show with some flare, the children cheered when Officer Ramirez activated the lights and sirens . As part of their curriculum, the young group of children were learning about police officers and firefighters, with the latter visiting them at the end of the week accompanied by their fire engine. Officer Farley and Officer Ramirez clearly made the days for these young children as they happily posed with them for photos and received fun stickers. It's these types of events that help bridge a good relationship between staff members and young children.

Officer Farley and Officer Ramirez introduce themselves to the group of children

The children explore the inside and outside of the police car

A staff member poses inside the patrol car

Officer Ramirez interacts with a young boy