Police Department

Camino Tour 2018

Section 1

Officer talks to students

Each year, the Camino Del Sol General Manager,  Alex Rubio, brings his new Community Advisors (CA) to the police department for an educational workshop with the purpose of having his CAs learn how they can work with the officers to ensure the safety of not only themselves, but also the Camino Del Sol residents for whom they serve. Unlike many jobs, the duties of a police employee can’t be easily described to people outside of the profession. Allowing students a behind the scenes look into the life of a police officer adds to their knowledge and understanding towards some of the problems and complexities within the profession. Officer Green and Officer Patton led this year’s group of students through our facility while describing each area. The group was escorted through the police station stopping at the report writing room, dispatch, the holding cell, and ending with a peek into a patrol vehicle. Inside the communications center, they were given a presentation by Dispatchers Jadzia and Beth on typical protocols and procedures for handling incoming 9-1-1 calls so that the CAs understand what happens on the back end when they call during an emergency. Beth gave insightful tips to the students so that in the event they do call, they know what information they’ll need to have ready because the Dispatcher will need to know certain pieces of information prior to dispatching a police officer to the scene. We are excited to work with these new CAs as we round the corner to begin another exciting academic year. ▪

Students listening

Students look at police car

Students listening to officer

Students listen to speaker

Students gather around speaker