Police Department

Camino Del Sol Alcohol Safety Presentation

Section 1

group of officers presenting on alcohol safety to students

Corporal Doan, Officer Bessolo, Officer Zheng, and Officer Ramirez spent an hour with Camino residents on Thursday April 21st to educate them about alcohol safety and the dangers of drunk driving. Although the evening started out in an educational format, it evolved into a casual conversation between our officers and students. Corporal Doan took a heartfelt and sincere approach to encourage the students to say ‘hello’ to our officers when they see them on campus because we are all one community. He explained that despite all the negative media pieces about police, those are all isolated incidents that represent only a small fraction of law enforcement professionals.

Officer telling students about alcohol safety
The four officers then took turns sharing their hobbies and interests, from video games to playing soccer; this segment was a fun way for the students to get to know our officers on a personal level. Becoming more comfortable with our officers, the students began to ask questions about common policing myths and aspects of the career. “Do you guys have a ticket quota for each month?”, asked one student. The officers quickly chuckled and Officer Zheng explained that it’s a common misconception and our policing philosophy stems from an educational approach rather than penalization. Each of our officers were humorous in their answers and made the students laugh while keeping the message of alcohol safety at the forefront of the evening’s theme.

Officer making a presentation