Police Department

Behind the Badge at UCI Medical Center

Section 1

Man looking at a police officer

Due to its popularity on the UCI campus, our department brought the Behind the Badge series to the UCI Medical Center for the first time. Medical staff members who attended the event had the opportunity to hear from Chief Cisneros regarding some of the exciting projects we are developing including strategies on improving our operations to address some of the concerns brought forth by Medical Center staff. Officer Lopez started the event by inviting members of the audience to guess the weight of his vest after one member inquired the reasoning as to why some officers wear a tactical vest and others do not. As his vest was passed around for staff members to guess the weight, they were astonished at how heavy it was despite its appearance. Dispatch Supervisor, Barbara Barry, impressed the group by sharing remarkable facts and figures regarding the amounts of inbound calls we receive each year while simultaneously exceeding the state standards in response times. The audience was particularly engaged when Chief Cisneros spoke as they asked him many questions surrounding the future operations of our police department and how we can help to meet their needs and concerns. It resulted in a constructive dialogue that will likely be continued in the months to come.

Attendees attempt to guess how much a police officer's vest weighs.

Officer speaking to a group of attentive listeners.

Dispatch Supervisor talks about the dispatch center.

Man paying attention attentively.

Officers standing outside the room, waiting on their cue to enter.

Chief Cisneros talking to the group of attendees.

Officers listening in on the presentation from the hallway.

The Chief and a few officers having a laugh.

Manager Jen Vallejo, who helped coordinate the behind the badge event for for the medical center, posing behind a police SUV.