Police Department

Behind the Badge 2018

Section 1

behind the badge

In partnership with UCI Staff Assembly, UCIPD hosted its second ‘Behind the Badge’ event exclusively for faculty and staff. We continue this series as a way of extending Chief’s vision of proactively reaching out to our community so they can acquaint themselves with our department, officers, and professional staff on a more personal level. Cedric Young (CSO Program Manager & Communications Specialist) and Alisa Reich (Business Services Specialist) partnered with Arielle Hinojosa and Megan Enciso, representing UCI Staff Assembly, to coordinate the event. While educating the audience is at the forefront of the day, providing a networking platform was also an immediate goal for the program. Following the same agenda as the first event, the learning modules were strategically sub-divided into three categories: Administration & Investigations, Academy 101, and Patrol Operations. These three topics offered an overall representation of our department where community members can grasp the fundamentals of our operations and daily life as a police officer. Attendees were captivated at the stories within each module as they asked questions about certain protocols and procedures. By gleaning around the room, it was easy to see the attendees gained a higher level of respect for members of our department as they discovered that working in a Police Department has many challenges that are not typically seen through the public lens. Overall, we wanted to re-assure our community that the UCI Police Department is a highly professional organization that serves the community in the highest regard every day.


Chiu speaking
Sergeant Chiu speaks about daily life in a Police Academy.

Barbara speaking
Dispatch Supervisor, Barbara Barry, speaks to the class about the profession and what it entails.

Staff member listening
A member of UCI staff listens intently as Officer Green speaks about patrol procedures.

Officer Ortega

Sgt. Acuna
Sergeant Acuna helps the class dispell common law enforcement myths.

Green teaching group

Bybee Dispatcher
Dispatcher Sandra Bybee walks the class through a day in the life of a Police Dispatcher.

Ortega talking to staff