Police Department

Public Safety Functions


officer on bicycle

The UCI Police Department’s Patrol Division personnel actively collaborate with our UCI and UC Irvine Health communities to help create a safe and secure learning environment through education, problem solving, and enforcement.  We use innovative practices, technology, continuing training, and partnerships to provide twenty-four hour, uniformed police services to deter, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all criminal activity, hazards and threats.

The UCI police officers generally provide for the peace, safety and security of persons and facilities on the university campus in the city of Irvine, the university hospital in the city of Orange, and those properties owned, controlled, or occupied by the University of California. Officers work in a diverse environment and take pride in delivering exceptional law enforcement services to our community.

The Patrol Division is comprised of the traditional line functions (patrol services, field training program, and special events) of the Police Department and is managed by a Lieutenant.  As such, most of the sworn personnel are assigned to this division.  As the most visible part of the department, our officers are called upon to protect the community with customary policing methods and to provide the foundation of resources for other outreach programs to the community.

The UCI police officers are deployed among two patrol shifts (dayshift and nightshift) and utilize patrol vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and foot patrols.  We have officers assigned to specialized responsibilities within the community, including: University Housing, Cross Cultural Center, Greek Life, Athletics, Student Life and Leadership, Special Events, the UCI Consultation Team, and the UC Irvine Health Workplace Violence Consultation Team.  We pride ourselves on the strength of our working relationships with departments and community members throughout the UCI family.


administration worker

The Administrative Unit is primarily responsible for supporting the Chief of Police in day-to-day logistical functions ranging from records management, property & evidence, and financial budget. In addition to creating, implementing and regulating department rules and policies, there are a number of other specialized functions that include management of the fleet of police vehicles, radio systems, computers, and security systems. Furthermore, because UCIPD is a state authorized Live Scan location, the administrative unit is responsible for managing the background fingerprinting process not only for all UCI employees, but also to the general public.

Emergency Management

emrgency management director working

The UCI Emergency Management Program is led by the UCI Police Department Emergency Management Division. The Emergency Management Division serves as the administrative unit charged with creating the framework within which the University can reduce vulnerability and sensitivity to hazards and cope with crisis and disasters.

UCI Emergency Management takes an integrated approach to emergency management and continuity of operations that will assist the University not only in preparing to respond to crises and disasters, but in identifying opportunities to mitigate risk and prevent loss; and in establishing continuity of operations and recovery strategies for all types of events - regardless of size and complexity.

Communications Unit

dispatcher in comm center

The Communications Center at the UCI Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by P.O.S.T. certified public safety dispatchers. The Communication Center manages communications for the UCI campus area and the UCI Medical Center located in Orange, CA.

The UCI Police Communications Center serves as the critical link between the University community and all public safety emergency and non-emergency responders. We are committed to acquiring and disseminating pertinent information to help protect life, property, and the environment. In doing so, we strive to provide the community with the highest level of service.


Detective smiling

This unit consists of a sergeant and four detectives, two of which are assigned to the UCI Medical Center and the other two are assigned to the UCI Main Campus. They are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on crime reports and maintaining a liaison with the local courts and district attorney's offices. The unit participates in all forms of investigative activities including conducting surveillances, serving arrest warrants, search warrants and probation and parole searches. They identify crime trends and deploy resources to help apprehend suspects involved in criminal activity. They also provide crime prevention tips and information to the campus community.