Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many hours do CSOs typically work?
On average, a CSO will work between 10-15 hours per week during the academic school year. In the summer, a CSO can work up to 39.5 hours per week.

2. Is work scheduled around my classes?
Yes, work hours revolve around class schedules, including midterms and finals. Since the majority of shifts occur during the evening, it's the perfect on-campus job as it'll seldom conflict with your daytime activities.

3. Do I need to have police experience to work in this job?
Students are hired from all kinds of backgrounds and majors which creates a fun and diverse team. If you're assertive, confident, and possess a positive attitude, come apply!

4. How can the CSO Program relate to my career goals?
Experience from the CSO Program will benefit any career goal you have because the job will train you in areas of discipline, leadership, patience, teamwork, and communication among many other skills. For those pursuing a career in law enforcement, the CSO Program is an outstanding way to experience and explore the facets of the industry. Take a look at where some of our alumni have gone!

5. What type of training do CSOs receive?
CSOs are given classroom training followed by several weeks of field training. Each of session is followed by a written examination to ensure comprehension of the job responsibilities. New CSOs must pass 150 hours under a probationary status before they're awarded a pay rate increase and additional shift responsibilities.