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UCI Police Department

April 2, 2021

The UCI Police Department is deeply troubled by the recent rise in acts of violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and we stand in solidarity with the AAPI community as we condemn all acts of violence based on hate or racism.

It is extremely important to our UCI community to hold those who commit such acts accountable. Join us in fighting hate and report hate crimes, incidents or acts of violence by calling UCIPD at 949-824-5223 or dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency. All reports are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated by our department in order to uphold the safety and security of our diverse community.

We understand there are situations where some may feel uncomfortable reporting incidents to the police, so there are other options available through the UC Systemwide Intolerance Report Form or the Orange County Human Relations Commission.

To learn more about hate crimes, personal safety tips and your reporting options, we encourage you to view our “Say No to Hate Crimes” brochure. UCI also offers many resources to individuals impacted by hate-related crimes, incidents or acts of violence.

As a community, it is our responsibility to challenge it, report it and stop it.


Liz Griffin
Chief of Police
UCI Police Department

Police Department
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