Police Department

Lost & Found, Unclaimed or Abandoned Property

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The UCI Police Department is the repository for lost and found, unclaimed or abandoned property for both the campus and UCI Medical Center. We record all lost property or reports of found property that are turned over to our department.

Lost Property

To inquire about lost property, please complete our online form or call (949) 824-1885, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. After business hours, a lost property card may be completed and dropped into the lock box located in the Police Department 'After Hours' lobby.

Found Property

Any person may turn in unclaimed, lost or abandoned property to the UCI Police Department at any time of day. After business hours, a found property card should be completed and attached to the item, then dropped in the lock box located in the 'After Hours' front lobby. If an item is valuable or is too large for the lock box, please use the phone in the lobby and ask to speak with a police officer.

After 90 days, unclaimed items of value are sold at auction online at www.propertyroom.com.

Report a Lost Item

Online Submission Form