Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is mandatory for all faculty, staff, and students who ride a bicycle on UCI campus. By registering your bicycle, you will assist the UCI Police Department in identifying your bike if it is lost, stolen, recovered, or impounded. At no cost to you, bicycles can be registered at four convenient campus locations and a tamper-resistant decal will be placed on your bicycle for identification.

      1. UCI Police Department - located on the first floor of the Public Services Building
      2. Transportation and Distribution Services - located on the second floor of Public Services Building
      3. Event Services - located in the Student Center Parking Structure
      4. Bike Shop - 405 West Peltason Drive

Although we recommend bringing your bicycle for the registration, it is not mandatory as long as you have your bicycle's serial number which can be found on your purchase documentation or on the underside of the bicycle frame.

If you received a bicycle citation, please visit for more details.

officer registering bike4 Reasons to Register!

    1. Proof of Ownership
      Parking and Transportation can cut your bike lock if you forget your lock combination or lose your key.
    2. Contact Prior to Impound
      If you leave your bike parked for an extended period of time, you can be contacted before the bike is sent to salvage.
    3. Recovery If Stolen
      If your bike is lost or stolen, registration could help you get your bike back.
    4. Theft Deterrent
      Registration might deter thieves from attempting to steal your bike.

Register Today!

Visit the UCI Police Department for a FREE bicycle registration

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

For questions, please call
(949) 824-1885

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