CSO Photo Gallery

A CSO helps UCIPD Police Officers maintain the safety and well-being of students and guests during a UCI event.

Our team regularly assist campus partners with their events by ensuring the safety of students and guests.

Specialty positions are available once you become a CSO; choose from becoming a Hiring team member, Vehicle Technician Lead, Crime Analyst, or even a Field Training Officer!

Safety Escorts is a nightly service where CSOs escort students, staff, or faculty safely to their destinations. They also actively patrol the campus and serve as the additional 'eyes and ears' for our police officers.

Quarterly team meetings are held where CSOs can learn more about law enforcement and the day in a life of a police officer. Whether it be arrest control techniques, vehicle stops, or identifying drugs, the presentations are always interesting!

As part of UCI policy, all bicycles on campus must be registered and CSOs are responsible for helping students with this task.

CSOs assist the Police Department with signs-in during the police officer examination day.

CSOs assist with the physical agility test at Orange County Sheriff's for police officer candidates.

Throughout the year, CSOs represent the Police Department at campus events by sharing safety tips and best practices from personal safety, home security, and more!

Becoming a CSO requires you to remain sharp and alert at all times, especially during fire watch assignments.

During a quarterly team meeting, an officer teaches a CSO about safety protocols.

CSOs lead the pack in the Annual Law Enforcement Torch Run benefitting the Special Olympics.

Each year, the UCI Police Department collects toys and teddy bears from the community and gifts them to children at the UCI Medical Center.

Serving as a CSO will help you learn the job skills needed to succeed in any profession you choose. If you are looking to pursue a career in law enforcement, just take a look at the success stories for some of our alumni!